Truck bed slide out tray


CargoGlide makes slide out truck bed trays in many different weight capacities.  The CargoGlide makes it so that you don’t have to jump up into the truck bed to get your items, you can just slide the tray out to reach them.  CargoGlides come standard with steel frames, sealed ball bearings, full perimeter aluminum sides with tie downs, and industrial laminated 3/4″ marine grade plywood decking.

Models available:

Standard Models

  • CG1000          (1000 Lbs. capacity, 65-75% extension)
  • CG1200          (1200 Lbs. capacity, 65-75% extension)
  • CG1500          (1500 Lbs. capacity, 65-75% extension)

Heavy Duty Models

  • CG1800HD    (1800 Lbs. capacity, 65-75% extension)
  • CG2200HD    (2200 Lbs. capacity, 65-75% extension)

Full Extension Models

  • CG1000XL    (1000 Lbs. capacity, 100% extension)
  • CG1500XL    (1500 Lbs. capacity, 100% extension)
  • CG2200XL    (2200 Lbs. capacity, 100% extension)

Accessories available include: Extra tie downs, dividers, and stabilizer legs

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